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When the clock stops

A clock in a jewelry store window in a small town stopped one day for half an hour, at fifteen minutes of nine. School children, noticing the time, stopped to play; people hurrying to the train, looking at the clock, began to walk
leisurely; professional men, after a look at the clock, stopped to chat a minute longer in the sunshine; and all were half an hour late because one small clock stopped. Never had these people known how much they depended upon that clock till it led them astray.

Many are thus depending upon the influence of Christians; Imageyou may think you have no influence, but you cannot go
wrong in one little act without leading others astray.


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13 thoughts on “When the clock stops

  1. chrismaelzer on said:

    very nice story… seriously we humans in general reflect this callous nature. If we consider ourselves the clock, we can see that there are little kids who depend on us the same way!

  2. Larry Who on said:

    Simple, but at the same time very profound.

  3. What a great story! I like your blog. Thanks for the follow!

  4. As Christians living in a corrupt world, we are to show forth the love and light of Christ. People will judge our Christ by what they see in us.

    Everything we do, everything we say, every attitude we show, is either a stepping stone to faith or a stumbling block in the way.

    May we live as true reflections of Christ.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and or the follow. Great stuff on here, keep up the great job.

  6. Lovely metaphor! Thanks for sharing. I believe it can (sadly) be applied to everybody really, and unfortunately right now politicians come to mind. It makes me think of Voltaires’ famous phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”.

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