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The wise old owl

A wise old owl sat in an oak,
The more he heard, the less he spoke;
The less he spoke, the more he heard.
Why can’t we be like that old bird?Image


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36 thoughts on “The wise old owl

  1. Kendra Canty on said:

    Such a good one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i spy God on said:

    Oh, isn’t that the truth??! I’ve heard it said… “God made us with two ears and one mouth for a reason.” – James 1:19
    Thanks for this post…LOVELY!!

  3. lenleatherwood on said:


  4. I haven’t heard this verse in a long time — thanks for sharing it with us. Your photo of the wise old owl is excellent.

  5. Wise words.

    Think before we speak, only speak when we have wise word to say.

    • We speak and think later only to regret the words that have proceeded out of our mouth….

      • This “wise old owl” rhyme I believe I first loved when I read it to my children years ago…for some reason, it embedded in my mind, and I do think of it now and then. Pure delight to have met that owl yet again…thank you.

      • I’m so privileged to bring the wisdom of the old owl back to you to refresh your memory and help you to fondly recollect the childhood days of your children who must have grown up by now. Thanks for liking the post. It is so good to connect here. Happy reading, happy blogging and God bless!

  6. This is incredible! All of it, beautiful. I love: ‘The less he spoke the more he heard’. Along with the gorgeous photo ~ thank you so much for sharing this. Gina

  7. This is an excellent post about speaking less and listening more. I think its ironic how so many people, including myself, are commenting on it with so many words.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  8. Some great advice! We do need to listen more, and speak less.

  9. Because you discovered my blog, I am blessed to have discovered yours. Beautiful writing. I’ve always felt that to be a good writer one needs to be a good listener. Keep writing.

  10. Reblogged this on Searching For Brigid and commented:
    Something to ponder.
    Why can’t we be like that old bird?

  11. yougoo on said:

    burung hatu a,

  12. Reblogged this on Sean McGuire and commented:
    Found this while looking around this evening. Short, snappy, and memorable. I like it.

  13. dunkdad on said:

    Pretty Gnarly!

  14. dunkdad on said:

    Reblogged this on Lil Kid's World! and commented:
    This Is A Great Poem!

  15. dunkdad on said:

    Hey, Just wanted to let you know I reblogged this! It’s great!

  16. a quiet person on said:

    A beautiful reminder

  17. I’m loving this blog. Just happened upon it, from a “thumbs up” you gave me on my blog. Thank you!

  18. That’s one good food for thought right there.

  19. Your blog is amazing! So beautiful….
    Thanks for following my blog (:

  20. dunkdad on said:

    Hey! How’s it going? Haven’t checked back in a while! Keep posting great poems like this! I would love to re-blog them! If you find any of my posts interesting – please reblog – It would really help my blog!

    Anyways, All the best and have a good summer!


  21. guttermutt on said:

    One of my all time favorite poems. Unfortunately – more people read it than heed it! 🙂

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