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The source of wisdom

A simple man met a very wise man.
“Can you tell me the source of your wisdom?” he asked.
“In two words,” the wise man replied, “good choices.”
“And what is the source of the good choices?”
“In one word, experience.”
“And to what do you attribute your experience?”
“In two words,” the wise man said, “bad choices.”


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26 thoughts on “The source of wisdom

  1. I believe there are only two bad choices we ever make.
    1) the choice that shrouds our grandest gift and passion
    2) the choice that blocks the path to our greatest happiness

  2. Well said, and so tellingly true!

  3. Beautiful. to be able to realize this is the best way to be happy and content secure in the knowledge that every bad choice will still go on to do some good to you 🙂

  4. I think I value my bad choices more than my good ones– they taught me so much and made the good choices easier to make! Thank you for the follow!

  5. My bad choices have been many, but the value of the good choices caused by the lessons learned from the bad is far greater than the harm caused by the bad. I thank you also for the follow and look forward to many smiles and inspiration from your blog.

  6. If there is one thing that we always pray at night, it is for guidance and courage to make good choices.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following.

  7. psychospiritualfun on said:

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    The wisdom of bad choices…

  8. I love it! So humorous yet so true.

    Shirley Anne x

  9. It’s so uplifting to read this before I go out today. I’ve been falling behind in my walk with God, as of late, and I really needed to be reminded that our experiences are what shape us into the people He wants us to be. Thank you, you have a real talent with inspirational stories.

  10. A woman met This Very Wise Man.
    “And what is the source of your good choices?”
    “I learned it by making bad choices and gaining insight thru them”
    “Of course you did, that is why you now think yourself a wise man”.
    “What do I lack female-from-my-rib?”
    “The intuition to have not made those bad choices in the first place.”
    “You are a spoiler of my happy-place!”
    “The truth sets you free. You are not better just because you were worse… the ex-dealer only makes ex-drug dealers… the fool only makes the wise… but if you let go, you become an ex-nothing and then words come to you without preparation…”
    “Quiet woman, no woman shall preach…”
    “Now that’s what intuition had told me not to speak to you about…”

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  12. This one made me grin. Cheers to bad choices!

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