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Total commitment

During one summer over two decades ago, a friend invited me to visit his family inside Myanmar. On Sunday he preached on the subject of commitment and made this witty remarks:

A chicken and a pig were passing by a church and heard the beautiful choral singing. Said the chicken to the pig,“That was beautiful! Let’s show our appreciation by giving them a good ham and egg breakfast.” Replied the pig, “For you, that may be sacrifice; for me, that is total commitment.

How true it is with most Christians and also with the vast sea of humanity. We are willing to go a mile or so but would demand of others to go the whole distance….


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26 thoughts on “Total commitment

  1. Very nice, Love this post!

  2. thebedsedgedisabledandobese on said:

    How true!

  3. Wow…that is a great post! I love it. There is something to be said for a post that contains so few words yet delivers great impact! Thank you!
    And thank you as well for visiting my blog!
    Now that we have met, I will be back!


  5. thesebeautifulashes on said:

    Very convicting!

  6. Amen and convicting every person who is a child of God should remember this if we love God like we say we will be committed sadly though you don’t find many saints being committed anymore but they can be committed to anything else like sports, tv, and that stuff…Great post!

  7. Wonderful thought to keep in mind each day that we are granted on this Earth. Blessings be to you, my brother in Christ.

  8. Wow! So true. I love this post. We often expect more of others than we are not willing to do ourselves. I heard one definition of a good leader is a person who doesn’t demand of his followers what he is not willing to do himself. I love that. Thanks for posting, and thanks for visiting my blog. Be blessed.

    Very nicely said, you made a great point. Its so easy to expect more of someone other then ourselves. How do you keep it so short and get to point? I’d love to see your favorite book list, and thanks again for following my blog. Take care. Betty

  10. a really nice thought indeed… loved it

  11. If only the church could really understand the simplicity and totality of Total commitment. Keep up the good work

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