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Hard toil, small results

When I was still in my teens I read a story about a sales representative who presented himself before his manager after finishing his round.

Taking the small batch of orders in his hand, the manager looked at the man and said, “And is this all you’ve done?” In reply the man looked steadily at his employer and said, “No, sir, it isn’t all I’ve done, but I’m afraid it is all I can show.”

In life and in our work for God it is often when we toil hardest that we can show the least tangible result. But if there has been the earnest endeavor and sincerity in our work and in our service to God, we may be sure that He knows all about it, and will reward us accordingly.

Results are important. But what counts more is the zeal and passion we put into the work.


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20 thoughts on “Hard toil, small results

  1. So true. It’s our intention that counts. not the results.
    And what a glorious picture, thank you

  2. Beautiful message. Liked the photograph.

  3. Amen from your Jewish friend and supporter in Haifa.
    Best wishes and keep up your wonderful work.

  4. Very true, brother. What’s in our hearts is what matters. I must agree with Valerie about the photo, as well.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that taking inspired action is more impactful than taking “busy” action! And as everyone has mentioned, the photo is amazing.

  6. The feeding of the five thousand is proof that God produces big results from the smallest of deeds. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  7. A beautiful message….and an incredible photograph! Often our efforts may go unnoticed to others…and our intentions may not get attention either…only with God…and that’s what matters!

  8. I’ve also had times in life when I’ve done a lot, but have such little to show as proof.. I’m sure everyone has..
    This story spreads a nice message that I think everyone should consider..
    God bless you! 🙂

  9. Results are important, but sometimes we are called just to sow the Seed or to water and fertilise it, and another is given the privilege to reap the harvest.

    As you state, the important thing is that we are obedient, and that we obey wholeheartedly, thankful for the privilege we are given.

  10. It's a matter of prayer on said:

    Where was the picture taken? It is so peaceful.


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