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A pane of glass

One day an angel gave four men a pane of glass.

*The philosopher took his and made a telescope, so he could Imagesee far into the future.

*The Pharisee made a magnifying glass of his, so he could magnify the faults of those around him.

*The introvert fashioned a microscope, so he could find the hidden things that lie deep within his heart.

*The wise man made a mirror.

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9 thoughts on “A pane of glass

  1. Wonderful parable! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Reblogged this on viewoutsidethepew and commented:
    Wonderful Parable

  3. I’ve come back to re-blog this. Just too good to walk away from until I share it.

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  5. Followed nopew here. He’s right. It’s an excellent parable!

    Praising Jesus who created me in His image.

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