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Four Blood Moons – What nobody is talking about!

Before I get into what’s troubling me about all this, I want to cover some very basic facts for those who may not know:

-A blood moon is ALWAYS a lunar eclipse
-A lunar eclipse is ALWAYS a full moon.
-Lunar eclipses have happened over 7700 times in the last 5000 years
-Only a “TOTAL” lunar eclipse can be a blood moon
-The color of the moon depends on atmospheric conditions at the time. It can range from an orange hue to a coppery color to blood red or even black.
-You cannot know the color of the “blood moon” until it actually occurs.
-Total lunar eclipses have occurred about 2700 times in the last 5000 years.
-A series of four consecutive TOTAL lunar eclipses is called a tetrad
-Tetrads are less common. We are in our second of eight, this century.
-Passover and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) ALWAYS fall on a full moon.
-Lunar eclipses at Passover or Tabernacles are not rare.
Full Red Moon With Reflection

Read the whole article by Michael Q. Pink, bestselling author, teacher & keynote speaker

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One thought on “Four Blood Moons – What nobody is talking about!

  1. Thanks for blogging this. People want the spectacular instead of the steady plodding of spiritual warfare. While we are to stay alert, the two warnings of Jesus, “Don’t worry about tomorrow” and “Only the Father knows the time” get ignored by those wanting to be in the spotlight and look clever.

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