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Lessons from the traveling preacher

69044b25aae8e4bf1e8d5a6b438dce27A traveling preacher finds himself in a tremendous rainstorm. Within a few hours the hotel he is staying in is flooded. As the water rises, the preacher climbs to the roof and starts praying. “Lord, save me so I can continue on my mission of preaching your gospel.”

Just then, a coast guard rescue party floats by in a rowboat. “Let’s go mister, into the boat!”

“I’ll stay here,” says the preacher. “The Lord will save me.”

An hour later a second boat reaches the scene and the water is close to the roof of the hotel. “Sir, you better get in the water is still rising.”

“No thanks. The Lord will be my salvation.”

Toward evening, the hotel is almost completely under water and the preacher is clinging to the satellite dish on the roof. A helicopter is spotted and on a loudspeaker is heard: “Sir, grab on to the line and we will pull you up. This is your last chance.”

“I’m all right,’ says the preacher, “I know the Lord will provide sanctuary.”

As the helicopter departs, the satellite dish is hit by lightning and the preacher is killed.

When he arrives at the Pearly Gates he is furious. “What happened?” he shouts. “I thought the Lord would provide!?”

Moments later a thunderous voice is heard: “Give me a break. I sent you two boats and a chopper!”

It is important to recognize things for what they are…

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4 thoughts on “Lessons from the traveling preacher

  1. Deep faith! We all need it!

  2. I have used this illustration so many times! Still love it!

  3. This is funny and sad. There is a similar joke about a man who prayed to win the lottery. He prayed for six months and then finally said, God, why have you forsaken my prayers? The clouds parted and a thunderous voice says, “It would help if you buy a ticket.” The sad part of these jokes is God gave us a brain and when we don’t use it we dishonor him. I have shared with some who do not believe in doctors or vaccines and watch their children die. My question to them is how do you know the doctor or vaccine is not the miracle you are praying for? The human brain is one profound invention. Good post. BTG

  4. I liked this the first time I heard it and it has not lost any of its power. God sent Jesus to save us and people keep looking to money, power, fame, sex, job, anything except what will really save us!
    I never tire of hearing (or reading) this parable.

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