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Straining the strings of life

“Dad, Lapung is sick,” my daughter called out.

I was in the office tending to paper works that should have been put away weeks ago. Shoving the papers and files into the cabinet, I rushed over to the dorm where the little boy was staying with other 85 boys/girls, ages ranging from 5 – 17. It was a mild fever which was most probably caused by constipation. A small dose of medicine and one trip to the bathroom later, he was up and running with the rest of our 85 children.

Of the 86 children in our care, 52 of them were fully or partly sponsored. From school books to clothing to food, difficult at times but so fulfilling and enjoyable. When our world turned upside-down, we left the school and returned home. The school suffered, affecting the sponsored children. Many had to leave. May be, someday, someplace, I’ll get to meet them again and talk of the days we spent together and how God used the difficult moments in our lives to prepare us for better things. But at this point in time, my heart beats for them and how they’d be faring in life.


As the musician straineth his strings,
and yet he breaketh none of them,
but maketh thereby
a sweeter melody and better concord,
so God, through affliction,
makes his own better
unto the fruition and blessing
of the life to come.


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