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Twenty five past eleven

Six months had gone by and it was the third day into the seventh month. It was uncertain times. Everything was in a blur, so hazy, difficult to decide what to do next.

It was a Saturday, all our daughters were home. Image

I was awake the whole night and by ten in the morning I was drowsy with sleep. Close to thirty friends and relatives who stood vigil the night asked me to get some sleep. Yet, though the body yearned for rest the heart knew that it wasn’t to be.

The end was in sight. My heart knew it. The first sign came around ten-thirty. Her heart stopped. There was a scramble around me. As suddenly as it happened, she regained consciousness. A short time later, it happened again. And again, she regained consciousness. As the clock wound past eleven, I hold her frail body, which was almost reduced to a mere skeleton, in an embrace which turned out to be our last.

“Dear, please go home!” Not easy words, but words that must be said. “Don’t worry about our daughters, I’ll take good care of them. God will take care of us!”

I thought there was a flicker in her eyes, or may be it was just my imagination playing tricks with me. I leaned closer to her ears and whispered, “We’ll always love you!”

Within seconds, she closed her eyes and entered into a realm where none of us have ever set foot before. That was 11:25 am, Saturday, October 3, 2009.

On Wednesday, October 3, 2012 – the third anniversary of her home-going, we are going to celebrate the life of my “angel wife” once more as we unveil her memorial stone. We covet your prayerful support.


Irish philosophy of life

The following words make me feel so good each time I read them, I hope you’ll enjoy too:

In life, there are only two things to worry about, 
either you are well, or you are sick.

If you are well, there is nothing to worry about, 
but if you are sick, you have two things to worry about; 
either you will live, or you will die.

If you live, there is nothing to worry about, 
if you die, you have two things to worry about; 
either you will go to heaven or to hell.

If you go to heaven, there is nothing to worry about, 
but if you go to hell, 
you’ll be so busy shaking hands with your friends, 
you won’t have time to worry!

So, why worry?

The wildflowers of life

It’s a familiar story.
And yes, it’s the oldest story in the world.

One fine day, you find yourself you’re seventeen, and you are planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing someday is today. And then someday becomes yesterday. And yesterday soon becomes a story of long, long ago. And then the cycle of life ends. One soul gone, a life finished but a life unlived. This is the story of many lives.

How is your life-story unfolding? Is it being written by the hand of God? Or are you just simply pulling along?

Let me narrate an incident which happened earlier this week. I was at home scribbling notes when a knock on the door startled me as I did not expect any visitor. When I opened the door it was my high school English teacher who now must be in his late sixties. He was a bit frail, had an unkempt look and was out of sorts. I invited him to take a seat and we started on a journey which really unnerved me.

He has no biological children, but adopted four. There were no issues when he was younger and the children were small. But today, it is an altogether different situation. He has grown old, and the kids have grown up. Trust, faith, respect, love and all the good qualities that he wanted to imbide in his children were missing. In effect, he said, he was having a harrowing time, depressed and totally frustrated with life.

Sadly, this is the story of many lives and families. I don’t have answers to his problems. All I could do was listen… I selected three prized books in my library dealing with depression and life, and asked him to read it. I haven’t heard from him again, but I haven’t stopped praying for him.

Will life “unhook” you when you grow old? Are you prepared?Image

Making sense of the loose ends of life

Late last night as I was about to go to bed, my lips opened and my heart chimed to the tune of a poem/song sung/written by an unknown author which I learned long ago. “My life is but a weaving” has many versions to it but the one that I’m most familiar with was taught to us by our young teacher who was also a good soloist.

Twenty-six years of my life has flowed into the tomb of time since then but the message of the song/poem remains as fresh as the day I first heard it. We may have lost hope in the middle of our life stories, but we don’t know the endings yet. It will all make sense on the other side.

My life is but a weaving
Between the Lord and me
I do not choose the colors
He worketh steadily.

Oftimes he weaveth sorrow
And I in foolish pride
Forget he sees the upper
And I the underside.

The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver’s skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.

Not till the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly
Will God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.

Wherever I am…


The light of God surrounds me.
The love of God enfolds me.
The power of God protects me.
The presence of God watches over me.
The mind of God guides me.
The life of God flows through me.
The laws of God direct me.
The power of God abides within me.
The joy of God uplifts me.
The strength of God renews me.
The beauty of God inspires me.
Wherever I amGod is!

Dreams bigger than imagination

Life is definitely the way we look at it. A midst the pain and suffering there is the celebration of being alive, frustrations and failures teach us the art of nobility and humility, joy and happiness extends the hope in life. Its up to us to perceive.

God looks beyond what man sees and says about you, and He has dreams for you that are bigger than you can imagine || Joseph Prince


Days teach me


Days teach me
To always dream
However it may never come true
But that’s the best way
To live life through!

Days teach me
To dream so high
Never give up and always try
Never let go or say goodbye!

Days teach me
That when there is darkness
For sure dawn is the next
And when everything is so tiring
For sure there would be time to rest!

Days teach me
To always care for a friend
Always be true and never pretend
Always love with no end
And the broken hearts try to mend!

Days teach me
Never to feel the hate
Always be confident and never hesitate
Always believe in fate!

Days teach me
That lovers meet & stay together
And others are apart
So if you are one who have been left behind
Don’t cry and suffer
Just search for a new start!

Days teach me
The past I must forget
And nothing needs my regret!

Days teach me
To open my heart and forgive
Cause that will help me to survive and live!

Days teach me
To always offer my helping hand
And never doubt in people when there is no proof
And always try to understand!

Days teach me
Not to be shy
If I have done something wrong
But to admit it and be proud that I have learned
A lesson that will help me to be strong!

Have you failed?

So when you fail, relax.

Fail again. Fail faster.

You’re doing wonders for yourself.

There are no mistakes in life,

only lessons that will allow you

to go farther and farther in your journey

|| Art Berg


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