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The wildflowers of life

It’s a familiar story.
And yes, it’s the oldest story in the world.

One fine day, you find yourself you’re seventeen, and you are planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing someday is today. And then someday becomes yesterday. And yesterday soon becomes a story of long, long ago. And then the cycle of life ends. One soul gone, a life finished but a life unlived. This is the story of many lives.

How is your life-story unfolding? Is it being written by the hand of God? Or are you just simply pulling along?

Let me narrate an incident which happened earlier this week. I was at home scribbling notes when a knock on the door startled me as I did not expect any visitor. When I opened the door it was my high school English teacher who now must be in his late sixties. He was a bit frail, had an unkempt look and was out of sorts. I invited him to take a seat and we started on a journey which really unnerved me.

He has no biological children, but adopted four. There were no issues when he was younger and the children were small. But today, it is an altogether different situation. He has grown old, and the kids have grown up. Trust, faith, respect, love and all the good qualities that he wanted to imbide in his children were missing. In effect, he said, he was having a harrowing time, depressed and totally frustrated with life.

Sadly, this is the story of many lives and families. I don’t have answers to his problems. All I could do was listen… I selected three prized books in my library dealing with depression and life, and asked him to read it. I haven’t heard from him again, but I haven’t stopped praying for him.

Will life “unhook” you when you grow old? Are you prepared?Image


A smile for alms

A smile costs you nothing, but is worth a great deal to those who are lifted up by it. The truthfulness of this expression was taught to me by a beggar in Hyderabad. After having tea with some friends, we stepped out onto the busy road only to be confronted by a young girl in rags who was asking for alms. I was still a student then. All I had that day was Rs.50, no change and no coins to giveaway. There was no way I could have shared. As I stared at her dirty but expectant face, my frown turned into a smile and sympathetically told her I was also short of money and couldn’t spare anything for her.

The next moment she exploded into a big smile. I will never forget her face, ever. The happiness and joy that shines on her face turned her into a beautiful girl though she was covered in rags.

A young girl who was used to rebukes, scorns and anger tasted love and sympathy that day. Perhaps, the first time in her life. That day I could not give her what she asked for but unknowingly I gave her the best gift ever – a smile, sympathy and love.

Remember, what sunshine is to flowers, your smile is to others.



Wherever I am…


The light of God surrounds me.
The love of God enfolds me.
The power of God protects me.
The presence of God watches over me.
The mind of God guides me.
The life of God flows through me.
The laws of God direct me.
The power of God abides within me.
The joy of God uplifts me.
The strength of God renews me.
The beauty of God inspires me.
Wherever I amGod is!

A Special Person

They say it takes a minute to find a special person,
An hour to appreciate them,
A day to love them,
But a lifetime to forget them.Image

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